MDi induction, the one-and-only countertop with invisible induction technology

Inalco has developed MDi induction, a new material that is all set to revolutionize the world of kitchen design, made of latest-generation minerals fused in a unique process.

MDi induction is a MDi surface with an integrated induction cooktop on which any kind of food can be cooked.

In addition to the surface’s well-known technical characteristics (resistance to stains, scratches and impacts etc.), a hitherto impossible degree of thermal resistance and seamless visual continuity has been achieved.

Thanks to its multiple properties, the surface is quick to cool down and easy to clean, opening up additional applications as a work surface aside from its use as a cooking area. MDi induction marks a whole new turning point in interior design.

Kitchen? No, MDi induction

MDi Induction is a MDi surface with an integrated induction cooktop on which food of all kinds can be cooked. In addition to MDi's outstanding technical characteristics, it guarantees a high resistance to temperatures and a hitherto impossible seamless visual continuity. It cools down quickly and is easy to clean.

Get ready to discover this new revolution in design, because MDi induction is not just a surface for cooking on but also a worktop and a place for sitting at, either to study or to socialize. It's a dream come true. It's the future brought to life.

Easy to clean

No accessories required

It cools down fast

Stain resistant

Scratch resistance

Resistant to thermal shocks

Seamless visual continuity

High-end design

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