GastroLab, Inalco´s presentation at Cersaie 2018, reinforces the potential of MDi surfaces as a key element for the architecture and interior design sectors. A space synonymous with innovation, elegance and creativity to present the new 150 x 320 cm large-format iTOP surfaces with thicknesses of 4, 6, 12 and 20 mm and the 6mm-thick iSLIMM collections for wall and floor tiles.

As a result of this sensitivity, Inalco has held three haute cuisine workshops, in which Michelin star chef Giuliana Germiniasi has cooked on the spectacular nine-meter countertop that dominates the stand. Designed with Syros ITOP matt polished and with a thickness of 12 mm, it is a new surface that conveys a unique elegance and an incredible softness when touched. Syros has an extra-white background with an elegant and striking gray veining that creates a greater visual impact.

In addition, Inalco has launched its new iBASINS line of washbasinsHydra, the first design developed, includes 5 finishes using the Company´s most current designs. iBASINS is a new example of the company´s philosophy of offering innovative products that provide greater added value, and expands the existing range of products: iTOP Countertops line with 6, 12 and 20 mm thicknesses; iTOP FRONTS slim 4mm-thick range for cladding furniture, and iSLIMM for floors and coverings.

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