Inalco presents Antibacterial ANTIBACTERIAL, a revolutionary new breakthrough that further enhances MDi's hygienic properties.

With this new technology, as well as preventing the appearance of bacteria, fungus, virus and protozoans, Inalco surfaces also destroy them and avert their spread.

Unlike chemical disinfectants, Antibacterial's activity is continuous and long-lasting, and it is unaffected by cleaning.

This innovative new technology is non-pollutant and totally eco-friendly, and it does not harm other living beings.

Thanks to the incorporation of this new development, Inalco products can be used in all places where priority is given to hygiene–not just in kitchens, but also in laboratories, hospitals, universities, and public and commercial spaces, among other possibilities.

These bioactive, antibacterial properties make MDi the most hygienic surface on the market.

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