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Legal warning

Personal Data Processing
Some of the services offered on the web site require the collection of personal information.

The data subject hereby authorizes “Industrias Alcorenses Confederadas, S.A.” (Inalco, S.A.), in accordance with the provisions contained in Regulation (EU) 2016/679 on General Data Protection, to perform the computerized processing of the personal details supplied voluntarily through electronic forms and/or emails. The following information is provided in connection with the foregoing:

Basic information about Data Protection
Data Controller: “Industrias Alcorenses Confederadas, S.A.” (Inalco, S.A.)
Purpose: Processing of personal data for the purpose of informing about corporate aspects, as well as about the products and services of Inalco, S.A.
Legal Authority: Consent of the data subject.
Intended recipient: The information provided will not be transferred to third parties; only Inalco, S.A., its investee companies and subsidiaries will have access to it.
Rights: To access, correct and cancel the said data, as well as other rights included in the privacy policy.

Inalco, S.A. has adopted and will in future adopt all compulsory technical and organizational security measures in accordance with the provisions contained in current legislation and the quality standards in place in the sector, in order to ensure the utmost security and confidentiality of the communications. Inalco, S.A. guarantees that it has checks in place to prevent the opening of breaches in its security or other negative consequences and adopts the most suitable organizational measures and technical procedures to minimize risks. The foregoing notwithstanding, users acknowledge and accept that security measures on the Internet are not impregnable.

Data Controller 
Identity: Data protection area, Inalco, S.A.
Tax ID card nº: A-12008025
Telephone: +34 964 368 000
Postal address: C/ San Salvador 54, 12110 Alcora (province of Castellón).

You are informed that your personal data will only be processed for the purpose of informing you about corporate aspects, as well as about the products and services of Inalco, S.A.

Legal Authority
Our legal authority for the collection and processing of your personal information, as well as your inclusion on a mailing list, is based on obtaining your prior consent. Since the purpose of the processing is not based on any legal obligation nor on any legitimate interest on the part of the Data Controller, and it is not done for the execution of a contract or as a mission of public interest, we hereby request that you grant us your consent to process your data legitimately.

Retention Period
Inalco, S.A. shall keep the personal data provided for as long as the interest of the Data Controller that motivated the collection of the data is maintained and their deletion is not requested by the interested party. As well as the legally established retention period.
Intended Recipients
The information provided will not be transferred to third parties; only Inalco, S.A., its investee companies and subsidiaries will have access to it, pursuant to the Corporate Standard in place at Inalco, S.A. and its Privacy Policy.

Data subjects shall be entitled to obtain confirmation about whether or not the Data Controller or any company in its group is processing their personal details and, if so, to access their personal information. In this sense, data subjects shall be entitled to limit the processing of any information furnished.

Data subjects shall be able to have their personal details cancelled and the Data Controller will be obliged to eliminate their personal details without undue delay whenever they are no longer necessary for the purposes for which they were obtained, the data subject in question has withdrawn consent or opposes their processing, and when they are being processed illegally or must be eliminated in order to comply with a statutory obligation established in European Union Law or in the law of the Member States. In the same way, data subjects may request the correction of any inaccurate personal details held.

Furthermore, for reasons related to their individual situations, data subjects may at any time oppose the processing of their personal details, including the preparation of profiles. The Data Controller must then cease to process the details in question, unless authorized pursuant to legitimate imperious grounds, or for the exercise or defence of possible claims.

The Data Controller shall notify the data subject of any correction or cancellation of personal details or any limitation made in their processing.

Lastly, data subjects shall be entitled to exercise the portability of their personal details, i.e. they are entitled to receive their personal details furnished to a Data Controller in a widely-used structured format suitable for automatic reading, and to transmit them to another party responsible for processing without any hindrance by the Data Controller to whom the information had been provided.