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What is MDi?

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What is MDi Induction?

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What is MDi?

MDi  is made of high-purity minerals, fused at a high temperature in a ground-breaking production process, leading to the obtainment of outstanding technical properties, surface characteristics and visual qualities.
By using H2O Full Digital technology throughout the whole manufacturing process, total control of the end design is guaranteed, combined with an amazing definition and unparalleled smooth feel. Through the use of 360º design, each new creation’s inner core and outer surface are fully integrated to ensure visual continuity between the two.
With textures, colours and finishes conceived to stimulate the senses, MDi fuels your creativity, marking the difference between a product you like and one you are truly in love with.

Thanks to the development of cutting-edge technologies and new innovations, MDi by Inalco unites top technical performance with outstanding visual properties in one same product. Its main advantages are:

- Total control of the design, an amazing definition and an unparalleled smooth feel, thanks to the use of Full Digital technology throughout the MDi production process.
- A continuous seamless design. Each new creation’s inner core and outer surface are fully integrated in a 360º design to ensure visual continuity between the two.
- MDi’s extensive choice of formats, finishes, colours and thicknesses gives it high added value. It comes in a selection of chic timeless neutral colours, ranging from toasts, stone and camel colours to whites or pure blacks. Its modern designs feature assorted textures in addition to a choice of natural, polished matt, polished high-gloss, bush-hammered and non-slip finishes. MDi also comes in formats of up to 150 x 320 cm. Thanks to the almost imperceptible joints between the slabs, MDi surfaces have a seamless appearance.
- MDi is easy to cut, machine and join. It is also simple to handle, because this is a malleable material in its 4 and 6mm-thick versions. It also has a high resistance and durability.
- MDi surfaces by Inalco are eco-friendly. By using H2O Full Digital technology, 70% savings are made on water consumption, a 90% reduction on atmospheric emissions and 50% recycled material is used in the production process.
- Low water absorption. MDi surfaces do not absorb bacteria and neither are they affected by sharp temperature changes.
- They are easy to clean and care for. MDi surfaces by Inalco have a high resistance to staining, and they can be cleaned on an everyday basis with a cloth moistened with water.

MDi products by Inalco come in varying finishes and relief textures, aimed at boosting their technical properties and enhancing their visual appeal.

- MDi in a natural finish. This is the most natural-looking model in each relevant collection. 
- MDi in a polished finish. After the slabs are manufactured, the surface is polished to make it shine. At Inalco, there are two types of polished finishes: a high-gloss one with a mirror-like effect, and a highly attractive matt finish with a very soft feel. Use the Search bar to see the Inalco collections in a polished finish.
- MDi in a bush-hammered finish. This finish gives the surface a slightly textured pleasant feel. 

MDI is a highly versatile material that takes creative freedom to a whole new level. Thanks to the surfaces' different thicknesses and finishes, MDi can be used to clad furniture of all kinds; to design tables, kitchens and countertops; as a covering on walls and floors indoors and out; and to design washbasins and showers with unique results. MDi also guarantees a hitherto impossible degree of visual continuity in projects.  

One of the benefits of MDi by Inalco is its almost inexistent water absorption rate. This gives it a very high resistance to high and low temperatures, making it perfect for outdoor areas.
In addition, many of Inalco’s collections come in a Non-slip finish, ensuring added safety and helping to prevent slips or falls in wet areas like gardens or swimming pools.

Products by Inalco are environmentally friendly, since one of the company’s main premises is to avoid pollution and to contribute to a sustainable environment.

Inalco’s environmental policy can be summarized as follows:
- To reduce, re-use and recycle waste on the original production site. MDi contains between 40% and 50% recycled materials.
- To optimize the consumption of resources, both in the production process and in the company’s other departments.
- To reduce emissions. Inalco controls and filters atmospheric emissions. It also fosters strategies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in order to comply with the targets of the Kyoto Protocol.
- H2O Full Digital technology uses water as a base in decorative inks and glazes. By doing so, products with a maximum definition are achieved, without generating pollutant emissions. Savings of up to 70% on water consumption are obtained and more optimum use of resources is ensured, making full use of inks and minimizing the generation of waste.

For further information, see the section entitled ECOINALCO.

Inalco was a world pioneer in introducing H2O Full Digital technology. This ground-breaking technology, which uses water-based inks, can be used to print collections with an amazing definition. What is more, they are eco-friendly and environmentally and socially sustainable. With this technology, in addition to many other benefits, up to 70% savings have been achieved on the water consumed during the production process.

MDi surfaces by Inalco are ideal for use in raised-access floor systems. Our 20mm thickness is ideal for this type of flooring, which cuts back on installation times.

MDi Basins is a new range of basins and yet another tool for professionals from the architecture and interior design worlds to create projects with a high added value.

These free-standing washbasins share all the advantages of all the other products: they are resistant to knocks, scratches and sharp temperature changes, they are easy to clean and, due to their almost inexistent water absorption, they are very hygienic since they prevent the build-up of bacteria.

This is a new range of shower trays that share the same technical benefits as all Inalco’s other products: they are resistant to knocks, scratches and sharp temperature changes, they are easy to clean and, because they absorb no water, they prevent the build-up of bacteria and are thus very hygienic.

To ensure that our materials have a long life, certain cutting and installation guidelines must always be followed. All these technical guidelines can be found in our technical guides, available in the Private Area.

After the slabs are laid, the surface must be properly cleaned to remove any residues from the installation and grouting processes. A slightly acidic detergent should be used, such as Deterdek by Fila or AKEMI Acid Cleaner, which does not release any toxic vapours or damage the slabs, joints or surrounding areas.

If the slabs have been laid as flooring and work is still being done in the area, the surface must be protected with cardboard to avoid direct contact with the remains of building materials, tools, machinery etc.

For everyday cleaning, a dust mop or dry cloth can be used. Do not use products containing wax or polish.

For further information, see the Cleaning Guide.

ECOINALCO is Inalco’s public commitment to the environment and to society. It encompasses all the human and technological resources directed at preventing possible negative impacts caused by the company’s activities, as well as ongoing controls of manufacturing processes, and the necessary investment to ensure sustainable development.

For further information, visit ECOINALCO .

It is a MDi surface specially developed to be cooked on, hence ensuring greater versatility. In addition to all the technical characteristics of MDi products (resistance to stains, scratches and impacts etc.), it also has a high resistance to temperatures while also ensuring full visual continuity. Thanks to its multiple properties, MDi Induction cools down fast, it is easy to clean, and it can also be used as a worktop or for leisure purposes. 

No. Our MDi Induction surfaces are based on cutting-edge technology so that no accessories or supports between the cooktop and the saucepan or frying pan are needed. As a result, thanks to its concealed induction system and outstanding technical characteristics, the surface can be cooked on directly. 

Tailor Made is an exclusive bespoke service for customizing MDi surfaces to fit in with the requirements of a wide variety of projects. With it, tailor-made collections, formats, finishes and complements can be designed. For further information on how to request this service, fill in the contact form in the Tailor Made section.

MDi Antibacterial is a ground-breaking development that boosts the hygienic properties of MDi. With this new technology, our surfaces can prevent the appearance and spread of bacteria, fungus and protozoa on a long-lasting, continual basis, thanks to their bioactive, anti-bacterial capacity. Antibacterial is 100% environmentally friendly and it is not pollutant, and so it is not harmful to human health. These surfaces are suitable for places where hygiene is a priority, such as hospitals, laboratories, kitchens, offices, universities, and shopping centres. If you would like further information, consult the Antibacterial page.

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