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residential SPAIN 2023

Villa Atalaia, a house with a soul


Facing the sea, Villa Atalaia is the place you envision when you think of a dream home. A residence designed to engage all five senses, seamlessly connecting with nature in its purest form through its decor, layout, and materials.

The interior design seamlessly blends noble wood, glass, and MDi, serving as the main material throughout the entirety of Villa Atalaia due to its inherent naturalness and versatility. MDi surfaces have set this project apart, with Atalaia collection serving as the driving force behind the entire home's design and also lending its own name to the villa.

The carefully chosen tones that complement Atalaia, both in terms of materials and furnishings, harmonize flawlessly with the central garden – located in the heart of the property – and confer a distinct personality upon the residence.


Furniture crafted with MDi adds character and a identity to each space. Lyra collection takes center stage in areas dedicated to rest & relax, such as the bedroom and bathroom, while Dukhan exudes its unique and elegant design, claiming its spot in the living room. These two collections effortlessly captivate attention, making them ideal for elevating any desired area.

Furthermore, Brazza discreetly introduces touches of elegance to select tables, seamlessly blending with premium furnishings from Porro, DePadova, Poliform, and more.

The entire layout revolves around a quaint interior garden, infusing life into the home and serving as its true focal point. Through its central arrangement, Villa Atalaia allows residents to embrace nature from every room.

Conversely, the kitchen – thoughtfully designed to welcome natural light – is anchored by a central island crafted with Terra collection. Given the paramount importance of aesthetic continuity and functionality across the entire project, MDi Induction naturally emerged as the most fitting choice for the kitchen island. Furthermore, the kitchen offers stunning views of the terrace, which welcomes inhabitants with a grand pool. Enveloped by nature and adorned with a bespoke collection, the pool undoubtedly headlines the outdoor spaces, complemented by Tribú furnishings and the Atalaia collection.

The entirety of the villa boasts a Tailor-Made design, encompassing surfaces and furnishings alike – a dwelling that draws inspiration from the essential and natural, ensuring that high-end design seamlessly integrates with the comfort and functionality required by its occupants.

Exuding design and warmth. Showcasing a natural and Mediterranean flair, without compromising functionality and comfort. abundant natural light, expansive and unobstructed spaces. The chosen tones effortlessly harmonize with nature, bestowing Villa Atalaia with a distinctive identity.



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